Jean Eddy

CEO & President Of American Student Assistance

Jean Eddy develops and drives the overall strategic direction of American Students Assistance (ASA). In the fall of 2016, she began an evaluation of the organization's direction and purpose to better align ASA's strengths with the highest student impact areas. During her tenure, ASA has pivoted from a 65-year history of helping students with college financing and repayment options to a new focus of helping students discover potential career paths earlier in their education journey, before financing or repayment need occur. Working with the Board and her Senior Management Team, she has successfully shifted ASA's focus and direction to help kids - as early as middle school - to know themselves, know their options, and make informed choices about their education and career goals.

Ms. Eddy has more than 25 years of experience creating and leading education organizations, including Chief Operating Officer at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment at Brandeis University, and multiple roles in the financial services and enrollment areas at Northeastern University.

A recognized speaker and subject matter expert, she served on Massachusetts' Governor Charlie Baker's Commission on Digital Innovation and Lifelong Learning. She recently authored her book, "Crisis-Proofing Today's Learner's," which offers insights into the type of skills young people need to be successful in today's workforce and prepare them for careers that we might not even have imagined in 2023.