Monica White

CEO of Elevate Academy Network of Schools

Monica White has been in the education profession for 24 years. During this time, she has served as a teacher, coach, principal and assistant superintendent and as the CEO and co-founder of Elevate Academy Network of schools. She believes that there is genius in all of us and that the best way to create success is to ensure that people have the tools to work and live with passion and purpose. Monica is an inspired and passionate educator who is committed to being an advocate for teachers, and even more importantly, students. She’s a problem-solver who will work tirelessly with her team to find opportunities and resources to help all students become successful.

Monica believes in empowering people, and she works intentionally to empower her staff so that they can deliver the best education to students. When offering professional development opportunities, Monica spends equal time building the staff up personally, improving their professional efficacy, and having fun and coming together as a team.

Monica’s current role as CEO of Elevate Academy, is building a network of schools to train and create a pipeline of highly-skilled, employable workers that meet the needs of Idaho industry and business, while empowering students to be leaders in their own lives.